Chat Room Team

The Chat Room is a space where delegates can talk about anything that’s on their mind. Some of the topics looked at in the main meetings and seminars during the events can raise important questions in young people and because of this we want to provide a safe space where they can talk about how they feel, ask questions about things they don’t understand, and receive prayer.

To be on this team you’ll need to be a good listener as that will be your main role! You’ll be providing a listening ear and chatting and praying with delegates, but you’re not there to solve all of their problems or counsel them. You should be friendly, good at interacting with young people, and good at working in a team as you’ll usually meet with each person in a pair. You will hear all sorts of topics being discussed – anything from sexuality to family problems, mental health issues to bullying – and should be comfortable with praying one-on one with people. The Chat Room team will work closely with the Connect team who handle any welfare issues that arise. After each session, you’ll need to complete a short form so that we can keep track of the age and gender split of the Chat Room users and to have an overview of the kind of issues that are being discussed.

The Chat Room is open 9.30pm – 11pm on Day 1 and then 1-5pm and 9.30-11pm on Days 2-6, plus you’ll have a short meeting with your team each day too.

You will need to arrange your own accommodation but in return for your hard work we will provide you with an event pass and all your meals (dinner of Day 1 until breakfast of Day 7) – winning!

You’ll be required to apply for a DBS certificate before we can confirm your place on this team. Information will be sent to you when we process your initial application but if you already have a DBS with Soul Survivor that is less than three years old or you’re subscribed to the update service, then you won’t have to complete a new one – winner! Just drop us an email with the details and we can take it from there.


You’ll need to be 18 or over to join the Chat Room team.


You’ll need to be on site in time for the all teams meeting at 3pm on Day 1 and stick around until the morning of Day 7. (Though the Chat Room closes at 11pm, conversations may carry over slightly and the last night tends to be the busiest of the week so it’s key that you can be around for the whole evening.) You may wish to arrive in time to set up your tent before the 3pm meeting on Day 1.


You can apply online using our booking system. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to register with the system (using the box in the top right of the screen) and then login. Book a place on the event of your choice and choose the option to book as a team member. It’s completely free to volunteer with us so you won’t have to give any payment details.


If you have any questions about serving on team then drop us an email at or give us a call on 0303 333 1 333 and we’d be more than happy to help!