Naturally Supernatural will have something for all ages with a full kids' work programme reflecting the themes of the conference in an age appropriate way. To give each young person the best experience we split them into different age groups: 0-2s, 3-4s, 5-8s and 9-11s. (There is an additional youth group for the 12-15s.) There will be kids’ work available for all under 12s during the morning meetings so parents can get to the main meetings. There will also be evening sessions for the 5-8 and 9-11 age groups (it will be more of a wind-down before bed for the 5-8s).

During the afternoons there will be craft, games and films available. Parents can stay with their children or leave them with the kids’ team but please note that due to legal ratios of kids’ team to children, the option to leave your children will be on a first come, first served basis.

There will be a designated area for baby bathing each evening and we’ll provide baths and warm water. Please bring your own towels and toiletries. We’ll also be showing a different family friendly film each evening for the little ones - and the not so little ones - to enjoy. These sessions are unsupervised so parents will need to stay with their children for the film (one adult can accompany up to four children).

The team

The kids work will be led by Helen and Anna, who head up the children’s work at Soul Survivor Watford.


Helen oversees the children's work in the church and local community. She loves watching kids engage with God and is passionate about helping them understand what it means to love and follow Jesus in their classrooms, clubs, playgrounds and homes. Prior to her current role, Helen was a primary school teacher for over 10 years which included an Assistant Head role in a school of 700+ pupils. In her spare time Helen loves sport, tea and being outdoors. 



Anna is the Children’s Worker at Soul Survivor Watford and has been happily playing for a living for the last eight years! She facilitates, along with a wonderful team of volunteers, children’s ministry in the church and activities in the local community. Anna loves to encourage kids with the knowledge that they are loved and important, and that through the understanding of God’s love they can do great and wonderful  things. In her spare time, Anna can usually be found in a kitchen, up a tree or hanging out with her wonderful nieces & nephew.

Youth work

Those aged 12-15 are really welcome to be in the main meetings but if they would prefer they can be in the youth venue. This will be run by Soul Survivor Watford’s youth pastor, Bob Wallington, and team and will reflect the worship, teaching and ministry happening in the adult sessions.