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Momentum is the part of Soul Survivor that’s for students and those in their twenties and thirties.

We used to run a separate Momentum event but we’ve now incorporated Momentum into our Naturally Supernatural event which is for all ages.

At Naturally Supernatural we have a range of seminars including some that are specifically planned with the Momentum age group in mind. This year these included a talk from Ness Wilson on singleness and dating well, Freddie Pimm looking at walking with Jesus in your 20s, and Nikki Marfleet looking at how we invite the Holy Spirit into our places of work!

We also have loads of social stuff that those of you in this age group will enjoy including live music, bars, films and more. Have a look at what's on!

We hope you can come and join us at Naturally Supernatural this summer – we’d love to see you and continue to journey with you as we explore what it means to follow God’s lead in all areas of our lives.

Have a listen to Nikki Marfleet’s seminar on leading with courage in the workplace.