We’re looking for loads of team members to help us make Naturally Supernatural run smoothly!

If you’d like to get involved we’ve got roles for everyone no matter your skills and experience. Team members need to be 16 or over (some teams require you to be 18+) and you can check out the different roles below. If you have any burning questions we have put some FAQs together to hopefully answer them for you. You can also find details on how to apply here. We really do rely on lovely people like you to come along and get stuck in at all of our events. We need team members for all of the teams below and more at Soul Survivor,  if you can spare a week please do join us - we'd love to have you! 


Always wanted to perfect the art of the infamous Soul Survivor hot chocolate mountain or serve up delicious Rocky Road cheesecake? Well, now’s your chance! Apply to serve on one of our café teams this summer.

catering TEAM

Could you rustle up a tasty lasagne or a Thai green curry for around 1000 people in a morning? Got any experience washing up, peeling potatoes or pouring a nice brew? Are you the next Jamie Oliver? If so, the catering team needs you!


We all have questions and sometimes just need someone to listen as we try and find some answers. The Chat Room is a safe space for delegates to talk about anything! We need a team of people, ready to listen and pray with delegates.


The Comms team sort things out, make sure any emergencies are dealt with calmly and effectively, use the power of the two way radio communications system and are generally helpful people to go to if you have a problem with anything practical on site.


Are you a qualified counsellor, social worker, psychologist or similar? The Connect team need some wise, sensitive and experienced people who can guide young people through some delicate issues.


We love making space for God to meet with us during ministry times and, as we encourage our delegates to pray for one another, we need a wonderful enabling team to be on hand in the main meetings to make sure everyone is alright and to answer any questions. 


Are you a first aider, doctor, nurse or physio? If so then we would be so chuffed if you could give up a few days of your precious time to serve the amazing (and sometimes accident prone) young people who come to our events.


We're passionate about equipping the little ones to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit - up for getting involved?!  The kids' groups will have a full programme reflecting the themes of the conference in an age appropriate way. If you are passionate about kids this is the team for you! 


There are always places where we could use an extra pair of hands and that’s where the reserves team steps in…! If you’re flexible and love a bit of variety to your day, this team is the one for you. 


Can you use a pallet truck? Do you like building stuff or packing things away? Do you love using your Tetris skills to load lorries, vans, cars and other vehicles? If so, we could use you help on our set up team! 


The Soul Survivor Stand is in the middle of the ToolShed and is the place to buy the latest Soul Survivor CDs, hoodies and books. If you have a passion for Soul Survivor, excellent customer service and brilliant resources, come and join us!


Ever wondered who makes the Fun Run happen? Or the football tournament? Or even organises the basketball games? That would be the mighty sports team!


The stewards are where it's at! We’ve even decided to open up the team to people with names other than Stuart (though they are still welcome).


Cafés don’t run without cake so the Stores team is there to make sure that the right things are in the right place at the right time! You’ll have an important role for our volunteers and provide invaluable problem solving and support from behind the scenes.


Do you know your way round a PA system? Any idea what the word 'gain' means in a sound engineering context? Could you say 'no more' when a venue full of people demand more music?! 


Want to be an usher? Well let's clear a few things up. You won't be expected to dance to R’n’B music or wear a flower in your top buttonhole forever directing people to either the bride or groom's seating areas…


Know everything there is to know about  Naturally Supernatural and Soul Survivor? Can you fashion tent pegs from twigs and make a perfect cup of tea whilst providing a listening ear? 


Can you stop 40 tonne lorries with a single glare? Can you raise and lower a security gate? Do you know the difference between a car and a bike? Well, you might be the next member of our welcome team!