Village Host Team

Naturally Supernatural sprawls over the Stafford Showground with our delegates camped in little clusters all over this space. To help make sure everything runs smoothly in these clusters, we need the help of the trusty village host!

You’ll be there the night before the event begins and, using the information Soul Survivor provides, will need to prepare a village map so you can carefully direct the delegates to where they need to camp when they arrive on Day 1. You will be in charge of making sure that the village is set up safely and report any problems to your village host team leaders. For the rest of the week you need to be available to the people on your village for any support or problems they may have. You will be able to go to the main meetings but we advise there is always one village host on your village at all other times in case of any problems that arise.

Village problems can be incredibly wide-ranging, so bring your problem-solving hats and expect anything from flooded tents to sunburned delegates. You will be briefed about how to handle situations and the other teams you would need to contact in the event of emergencies.

In return for all your hard work you will get a free place at the event but will need to arrange your own food and camping accommodation.

Most villages have two leaders so this is a great role for couples or friends to apply for (though applications must be filled in for each individual). We do also have a number of smaller villages if you’d like to apply to be a village host on your own.

You’ll be required to apply for a DBS certificate before we can confirm your place on this team. Information will be sent to you when we process your initial application but if you already have a DBS with Soul Survivor that is less than three years old then you won’t have to complete a new one – winner! Just drop us an email with the certificate number and we can take it from there.


The minimum age to be a village host is 21.


You’ll need to be on site, ready for your team meeting at 7pm on Day 0 (they day before the event starts) and you MUST attend this meeting. You may wish to arrive in time to set up your tent before this meeting. You’ll need to stick around until all the delegates are packed down and have left your village on the morning of Day 7.


We need Village Hosts at all of our events and you can apply online using our booking system. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to register with the system and then login. Book a place on the event of your choice and choose the option to book as a team member. It’s completely free to volunteer with us so you won’t have to give any payment details.


If you have any questions about serving on team then drop us an email at or give us a call on 0303 333 1 333 and we’d be more than happy to help!