Main Meetings

Each day will revolve around two main meetings hosted by Mike Pilavachi with lots of time dedicated to worship, spending time in God’s presence, looking at the Bible’s teaching on being naturally supernatural, exploring what that looks like in an everyday context, and praying for one another.


Each afternoon there will be a range of practical workshops so we can get stuck in and not only learn what the Bible has to say about being naturally supernatural but find out what that looks like today and start practicing stepping out in the power the Holy Spirit.

Teaching will cover:

  • Leadership including how to lead ministry times and the theology that underpins living a naturally supernatural life
  • Praying on the streets
  • Praying for physical healing
  • Praying for healing of the heart
  • Prophecy
  • Spirit-led worship
  • The Holy Spirit and justice

There will be up to four sessions per stream and the streams will be repeated during the week so that everyone can go to two streams of their choice over the week. Sessions will last around 90 mins and will include time and space to minister to one another or, for some, the opportunity to pray on the streets

Momentum: There will also be some lunchtime discussions for the Momentum age group (student, 20s and 30s) on the Momentum Village . Andy Croft will be looking at how we find our purpose, Helen Rushton from Soul Survivor Watford will get us thinking about how we can make a difference in our work places, Ness Wilson will tackle singleness, dating well and setting the best possible foundations for marriage; while Freddie Pimm will be helping us explore how we can see lives transformed through the gospel. 


We’ll have plenty of places to relax and catch up with friends and to hang out as a family. There will be cafes (open for breakfast and then again in the afternoons and evenings), places to listen to live music, and a bar, plus community events for all ages and life-stages such as Coffee for Six for any who would like to meet new people in a relaxed setting.

There will also be a resource area where you can pick up books, DVDs and more to encourage and equip you in your relationship with God.

We'll have early morning and late night worship sessions, films, sports, plus a Spotlight venue with different acts to enjoy each evening.


Samba de Janeiro, it’s carnival time! We’re clearing the schedule on the afternoon of Day 4 for a giant party together. There will be a samba band and dancing, stilt-walkers and jugglers, capoeira, pop-up street shows, inflatables, fun workshops and a procession finale where people can have a go at some newly learnt skills!

There will also be an area more suited to students and young adults with live music, a bar, face and hand art motifs and a close-up magician.

Feel free to bring your own picnic and we’ll also have some street food vans serving up tasty treats. Come dressed in your brightest outfits!