Mike Pilavachi

Mike started Soul Survivor and its associated church, Soul Survivor Watford over 20 years ago and remains Director and Senior Pastor. He’s hugely passionate about all of God’s people living in the power of the Holy Spirit and co-wrote ‘Everyday Supernatural’ with Andy. 


Ali Martin

Ali has been around Soul Survivor forever and is part of the Leadership Team at Soul Survivor and our associated church Soul Survivor Watford.

Andy Croft-01.png

Andy Croft

Andy is the Senior Pastor of Soul Survivor Watford alongside Mike and part of the leadership team of Soul Survivor ministries. He’s ordained and is the co-author of Lifelines and Everyday Supernatural. Andy is married to Beth, and dad to three boys so balances out reading heavy theology books by playing lots of Thomas the Tank Engine.

To give you a flavour of the kinds of topics we cover, here are our speakers from 2018 - we’ll update you with 2019 seminars and topics as we get nearer the event. Many of the people we have speak are those Mike and the team have journeyed with over a number of years and have taught us so much about stepping out in the power of the Holy Spirit. They are people who are living naturally supernatural lives and seeing God do amazing things. They are also gifted and inspiring communicators with a passion to equip others and we loved hearing from them.


Minu Chowdury-Westlake

Minu’s work has always been focused on social justice, working with both national and international charities as director of marketing and communications. She now works as a crisis intervention consultant which she juggles with home-schooling daughter Ellie. Minu helped launch Soul Action with her husband, David, 13 years ago and during NSN they spoke about the Holy Spirit and justice.

Graham Cray-01.png

Graham Cray

Before retiring Graham was the Principal of Ridley Hall, then Bishop of Maidstone, before becoming the Archbishop's Missioner and the leader of the Fresh Expressions team. He heads up the Soul Survivor board of Trustees and during NSN he spoke to us, alongside Hannah Mather, about how we can preach Scriptures in the power of the Holy Spirit . 


Wayne Drain

Wayne comes from Russellville, Arkansas, USA, where he has been the Senior Pastor of Fellowship of Christians since its founding. He is a singer and songwriter and also recently co-authored ‘He Still Speaks’, a book that looks at the role of the prophetic in today’s church. At NSN Wayne spoke to us about hearing God's voice, weighing prophetic words and developing the art of prophecy.

Mark Marx-01.png

Mark Marx

Mark is the founding leader of Healing on the Streets (HOTS) which was first launched out of Causeway Coast Vineyard, Coleraine in 2005. It’s a gentle, non-confrontational way of connecting with people on the streets of our cities and introducing them to Jesus. Mark led two sessions at NSN 2018 on equipping us to do HOTS and then there was an opportunity to put that teaching into practice in Stafford.

Nikki Marfleet-01.png

Nikki Marfleet

Nikki was raised as a missionary kid in the jungles of West Papua and has now worked in the UK prison service for almost 18 years. She is currently Governor at HMP Woodhill, a high security prison leading a team of around 800 staff and agency workers. Nikki has a Masters in Criminology and Management and worships at the King's Arms Church, Bedford. She gave two seminars in 2018 on how we deal with conflict and how we lead with courage in the workplace.


Jeannie Morgan

Jeannie has been around Soul Survivor and our associated church since the beginning and has spent many years travelling around the world teaching people how to pray for emotional healing. She’s the author of a number of books on this topic, her latest being ‘Our Hands and His Healing’. Jeannie spoke alongside Ali Martin on healing of the heart and how we pray for and minister inner-healing.

Ness Wilson-01-01.png

Ness wilson

Ness is the leader of the Open Heaven Leadership Team, chair of Loughborough Churches Partnership and on the Pioneer National Core Team.  Ness took one of our Momentum seminars on singleness and dating well.

Debby Wright-01.jpg

Debby Wright

Debby and her husband John are the National Directors of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland, and Senior Pastors of Trent Vineyard. Debby has a wealth of experience  to share with us about seeing God move in power both within church and in everyday life. Debby spoke to us at NSN about the power of crying out to God, and loving those who are marginalised one by one. 

Neil and Janet-01.png

Neil and Janet Young

Neil and Janet are the Senior Pastors of the Causeway Coast Vineyard (CCV) in Northern Ireland which they have been a part of since its launch. During NSN they shared the story of CCV as an example of how we pursue the Holy Spirit as a church; as well as looking at how we can pursue the supernatural even in the midst of pain and suffering. 

In addition we also had seminars from Helen Rushton & Busy Thomas on teaching kids to be naturally supernatural; Rachel Gardner looking at what it means to be female; and Freddie Pimm on following Jesus in your 20s and 30s.